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With a pioneering aspiration along with a sustainable development strategy, Oriental Feng Shui defines the vision to become a leading professional Feng Shui Center of Vietnam to reach international standards for Feng Shui consultancy and training. East Asian Feng Shui wants to create a Vietnamese brand, expressing the stature of intelligence and pride in Vietnam in the international arena. In the field of feng shui training, we want to help you develop your potential within you, no matter how you come from. That's why we always try our best to make your experiences with Asian Feng Shui become meaningful. In the field of feng shui consultancy, we want to help you access to the official feng shui knowledge, bring the official feng shui knowledge to your home ... Feng shui is a regular Feng Shui layout right (not It is only the direction of the house or hanging this, putting the other to resolve ..., that's not it !!!). The house that has the right feng shui layout, will definitely promote peace, luck, health to every member living in that house.


Master Nguyen Duyen Tuan

Head of Center

Our people have the phrase: "Buy buffaloes, get married, build houses". That's right, none of us expect to build a house to settle down. Feng Shui has a strong influence in arranging the arrangement of houses and trading facilities of Chinese people. Today, many Feng Shui houses recognize that Feng Shui has helped Chinese people prosper.

Since 2009, we have not hesitated to invest funds, good time to nominate architects and engineers to study and study feng shui abroad. In order to commit to dear customers: Dong Dong Feng Shui Construction Company not only creates works of quality, art ... but also about Feng Shui layout, bringing customers the live peacefully and well.

Oriental feng shui helps you to bring formal feng shui knowledge to life

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